In our pawnshop you can buy any item in installments. 

It is possible to draw up a contract digitally and we send the goods by mail anywhere in Estonia. Or you can make a contract in our pawnshop.

The whole procedure takes no more than 10 minutes.

ESTO installment plan
Conditions and benefits

Each installment plan represents a financial obligation. Before engaging in an installment plan, read the service-related terms and, if necessary, contact an expert. The installment service provider is ESTO AS (reg. code 14180709). Regular ESTO installment terms are as follows:

● Interest from 0%

● Contract fee from 0 EUR

● Duration - up to 4 years

All citizens of the Republic of Estonia 18 - 70 years old can apply for the ESTO installment plan.

Every financial decision is associated with risks and obligations; therefore, we require careful consideration of the need to consume credit products. For example, for a 24-month loan of 1059 euros with a fixed annual interest rate of 13.90% accrued on the original amount, with a contract fee of 14.90 euros, the cost of the loan comprises 38.14%, the monthly payment constitutes 60.72 euros, and the total repaid amount equals to 1458.28 Euro.

Liisi installment plan

Conditions and benefits
  • Quick response to a limit request
  • First installment starting from 0 euro
  • Instant signing
  • Minimum purchase amount 7 euro
  • In the event of unforeseen payment difficulties and prompt notification, we will work together to find a suitable solution
    1. Add items to your shopping cart
    2. Select the Liisi payment link as a payment method
    3. Specify the number of months and the date of the chargeback
    4. Conveniently and securely sign using ID-card, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID

The service provider is Koduliising AS. Every loan is a financial liability. Weigh your decision carefully – read the terms of the loan agreement and, if necessary, consult with a specialist. The loan cost rate is 39.40% under the following standard conditions: cost of goods / services 419 euro, contract period 12 months, fixed interest rate 20% of the loan amount per year, loan amount 419 euro, total payments 499.32 euro and the amount chargebacks 499.32 euro.