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Benefits of jewelry evaluation at Golden Lombard!
Ethical work

Stolen property is a taboo for our pawnshop. We do not accept as a collateral and do not buy items and property, whose origin raises doubts.

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Our pawnbroker will evaluate your item (either jewelry items or gadgets) in a few minutes. Not more than 5 -10 minutes pass from the moment you enter our pawnshop and the moment you get cash.

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We love to say that our pawnshop does business with soul.

Therefore, we always give the most generous price in the city for your items, avoiding far-fetched price underestimation. We evaluate fairly, taking into account your interests as well as our own.

Business created by people and for people

We are loyal with steady customers. We offer pleasant bonuses and maximum price at the market to those who trust us and cooperates with us on a regular basis.

Loan provision steps
Step 1
Bring your item to the pawnshop for an evaluation or send a photo for a preliminary estimate.
Step 2
An expert will evaluate your property and offer a decent price.
Step 3
Sign the contract and get cash. In just 5 minutes everything is done.


Our pawnshop buys gold chains, gold bracelets, gold rings, gold earrings, gold pendants, gold brooches, gold cufflinks, etc. We also accept as collateral gold watches, gold lighters and any other valuable accessories. We accept as collateral both simple and exclusive jewelry. Exclusive jewelry is normally evaluated at a higher price, because it has a higher market value, but you can also bring us standard gold jewelry.

Yes, Golden Lombard buys scrap gold. We buy 375, 585, 750, 999 rated scrap gold.

You can sell a smartphone, tablet, notebook at our pawnshop. Also, we can buy a modern TV or a games console. The price for your gadgets will depend on the technical characteristics of the model and brand popularity. You can get the exact price visiting our pawnshop. The main thing to know is that we offer the highest price in the city, so if you want to get the best price for your gadgets - save time and come straight to us.

Of course, you can. Our pawnshop buys diamonds. The evaluation of a diamond is influenced by such factors as: the weight and size of the stone, the purity of the stone, the cut (the most expensive is the round cut of a diamond, which has 57 facets). Besides, the estimated value of a diamond is affected by the color of the stone since white, transparent diamonds are the most precious. Bring the diamonds you would like to pawn to our office and a professional pawnbroker will determine the amount you can get for them.

Yes, our pawnshop buys Swiss watches of various brands. If you want to sell or pawn a Swiss watch, just contact us via chat for a preliminary assessment, or go to a pawnshop to get the final price that we can offer for them.

Yes, our pawnshop buys silver jewelry and accessories. If you want to sell silver rings, silver brooches, silver chains, diadems, pins, cufflinks, etc., just show them to our pawnbroker and in 5 minutes you will get the best price offer in town.

If you want to pawn designer or exclusive jewelry, it is more likely to have a higher price than simple jewelry.

The main factor influencing the jewelry evaluation is the gold or silver fineness and the weight of the jewelry. In addition, the price depends on the presence or absence of defects. We also pay attention to presence or absence of gemstones in a piece of jewelry, and if any, the type of stone, its purity, size, and cut. Besides, the evaluation price depends on the fact whether you pawn a branded/exclusive jewelry or a simple piece. As you can see, there are many factors that can affect the estimated value of gold. However, you can be sure of one thing - Golden Lombard will value your jewelry at a higher price than our competitors. Therefore, if you want to pawn or sell your jewelry and get the highest price for them, come to Golden Lombard.

Popularity of the brand, the technical condition of the equipment, its appearance, and the potential market value of the gadget influence the evaluation price of the gadget that you decide to sell. If your device is in good condition and in demand, be sure that we will offer the best price in town for it.

You can buy scrap gold both in the online store with delivery, or visit our pawnshop and choose scrap gold from the available options, you can find us at the following address: Tallinn, Linnamäe tee 37a.

When buying scrap gold, you should understand that most often you buy products with defects, and with precious stones removed.
For consultation and selection of a specific color of scrap gold, contact our manager before placing an order on the site; our specialist will select the optimal shade of gold for you.

To buy scrap gold in the online store, you just need to select the number of grams and place an order. Within 1 working day your order will be sent to the specified address (delivery is free if picked up from Estonian parcel machines).

No matter you are buying jewelry and accessories or scrap gold, the online shopping comes down to a few simple steps and is as simple as possible.

If you have any questions about an item, please contact us in any convenient way and the manager will answer any of your questions.

Having made your choice, you can place with confidence your order using online shopping cart and within just 1 working day we will pack and ship your order to the address specified at check out.

Shipping to Estonian parcel machines is free of charge. If other delivery methods are selected, the cost will be calculated according to the tariffs of courier services when placing an online order.

You can find all the information about the state of your order processing in your account on our web site.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we offer a system of discounts for online orders to all the clients of our pawnshop. You can get a 5-10% discount on your order buying online. Discover more details on the Loyalty Program page. A flexible system of discounts will make the process of buying exclusive goods and jewelry even more pleasant and will cheer you up.

If you live in Tallinn you can collect the order on your own at the following address: Linnamäe tee 37a.

We will be happy to see you among the clients of Golden Lombard. Enjoy your shopping!