Why customers choose our pawnshop


Evaluation price

The most generous evaluation of your items


Flexible interest

From 2% for big loans, and from 4% for mid-sized loans


Possibility of partial redeem.

We give the possibility of partial redemption of the pledged gold. For example, if you have pawned 5 gold items and partially repaid the loan, you will be able to withdraw some of the items before you repay 100% of the loan.


We offer higher price than our competitors

We love to say that our pawnshop does business with soul.

Therefore, we always give the most generous price in the city for your items, avoiding far-fetched price underestimation. We evaluate fairly, taking into account your interests as well as our own.


Our pawnshop accepts gold chains, gold bracelets, gold rings, gold wedding rings, gold earrings, gold pendants, crosses, icons and pendants, gold brooches, gold watches, gold cufflinks. We also accept as collateral gold watches, gold lighters and any other accessories made of gold and having value. We accept as collateral both simple and exclusive jewelry. Exclusive jewelry is  normally evaluated at a higher price, because it has a higher market value, but you can also bring us regular gold jewelry and we will evaluate it at a higher price than our competitors.

Yes, Golden Lombard accepts scrap gold. We accept 375, 585, 750, 999 rated scrap gold. 

Of course, you can. Our pawnshop accepts diamonds as a collateral. The evaluation of a diamond is influenced by such factors as: the weight and size of the stone, the purity of the stone, the cut (the most expensive is the round cut of a diamond, which has 57 facets). Besides, the estimated value of a diamond is affected by the color of the stone. White, transparent diamonds are the most precious. Bring the diamonds you would like to pawn to our office and a professional pawnbroker will determine the amount you can get for them.

Yes, our pawnshop accepts silver jewelry and accessories. Silver rings, silver brooches, silver chains, diadems, pins, cufflinks. Should it be a designer or exclusive jewelry, it is more likely to have a higher evaluated value than a simple jewelry. Show the silver jewelry that you want to pawn for a loan to our pawnbroker, and find out just in 5 minutes how much we are ready to offer for them.

We value safety same as our reputation. Therefore, we choose the storage methods with the utmost responsibility. We store your property only in security boxes, and we bring it to the pawnshop only on the day the pawn contract ends, or at your request, if you want to redeem the item before your contract expiry. You can feel secure about the safety of your property with the Golden Lombard.

The cost for pawned gold in our pawnshop is very competitive. Besides, unlike other pawnshops, we strive to evaluate fairly and do not underestimate the value of your items due to minor defects. Therefore, if your product is in good condition, you can always expect to get the maximum price in our pawnshop.

We have a flexible and competitive interest rates and ensure as much as possible transparent co-operation with our clients. Transparency of  work for us means to honestly show all the conditions of the contract without hiding additional payments in order to be an understandable and reliable partner for our customers. We can offer 2% interest rate for large loans, and from 4% for medium ones. 

Yes, of course, you can always extend the loan terms if there are any problems with the loan repayment. For our part, we will offer you the best conditions for the extension, and support you if you encounter difficulties.

If you wish, you can extend the loan terms since it is secured by a pawned thing or things.

If you have any difficulties with the timely payment of interest for the pawned item, but you would not like to lose the thing and it is of high value to you, contact us - and we will find a solution, taking into account the interests of all the parties.

If you change your mind about redeeming your item, then just let us know and we will terminate the loan contract. This is not obligatory, but strongly encouraged.

You are not obligated to redeem a pledged thing if it has lost its importance for you. Your collateral covers 100% of the fast loan you received and you have no further obligations. Just let us know that you do not want to renew the loan contract and that will be enough.

In order to get a loan at a pawnshop, just bring your gold for evaluation by a pawnbroker. We accept both exclusive gold jewelry and simple ones as a collateral. In addition to jewelry, we accept gold accessories and watches. The evaluated price of gold depends on the weight of the item, the metal purity and color, the presence or absence of defects, the presence or absence of precious stones, as well as the exclusivity of the jewelry or accessory.
Be sure that you will get a higher price for your item at Golden Lombard than at our competitors, at that we will maintain the flexibility of the cooperation terms and offer a favorable interest rate.

Our pawnshop is located at the following address: Tallinn city, Linnamäe tee 37A. 

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